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Visit to the Lavender Farm

A lavender farm? wow that’s new?! What is all that about?… Stay right here, I will answer all your questions in this blog post! I heard about Terre Bleau Lavender Farm last year during the Winter, it was already too late as Lavenders blossom during the Summer time. However, I did note it down and made sure to check it out this year and I did. It looked just as gorgeous as the pictures that you may have seen on social media!

We went there on a hot summer day but the lure of the lavenders and Terra Bleu’s famous ice cream made it worth our while

A little about Lavenders (based on what I learnt from this trip):

  • There are two types: English and French! The English ones are taller, fuller, have a darker purple color AND can be used for culinary purposes. French Lavenders are shorter and have less of a purple-y color but are just as gorgeous
  • Lavenders can be grown indoors or outside, as long as they get 6 hours of sunlight – perfect for those of us who like to have indoor plants
  • you can make all sorts of things using lavenders: Essential Oils, bath bombs, bar soaps, honey, ice-cream… trust me the list goes on…



Terre Bleu is in Milton which is only about an hour’s drive from Toronto. I would suggest driving out there early so you can beat the traffic. Plus fewer people in the park = great pictures. The staff members there are super friendly and helpful, which made our experience even better – because who doesn’t appreciate great customer service?!

We all know the effects of Lavender Oil, it relaxes you, and I’m not sure about you guys but it sure does make me feel very happy and calm; now imagine being in a field full of Lavenders, truly amazing.

Some of the things we saw were: a distillery where they made their oils, lots of bee hive, a fresh Herb Garden where you can pick out and purchase fresh herbs, they had a lemonade table, horses, sheep, rams, musicians, a harpist, and an iconic Yellow door which sadly, I was not able to take a picture with due to the very, very long wait line and scorching heat.

Lastly, before I leave, I thought I let you guys know what I got from their cute little store in case you guys decide to go. I’ve always wanted a Lavender plant, and what better place to get it from? so yes, I got myself a beautiful, little plant. I got Lavender Honey, dried lavender buds for decor and for culinary purposes, and some essential oil for my oil diffuser… (can you tell that I fell in love with this place yet?) I’ll let you see for yourself!!






Did I forget to mention their Ice-Cream? Holly Molly their ice cream was BEYOND delicious. I would totally go back just for that ice cream. It was so rich and creamy!!! Out of this world!




I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post and the pictures. Next on my list is the Sunflower farm. Have you been to any of these farms or a different kind of farm? be sure to let me know and I will definitely make it a point to visit 🙂



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