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Date night on a budget

As much I would love to say that I live my life budget-free, I would be lying and if you guys must know, I am an honest person, especially when it comes to my blog. I do not like to portray something I do not believe in. So in this post today, I would like to share a few date night ideas that are romantic and do not break the bank!

I would also like to mention that I am by no means a love guru, these are my own ideas and tips that I, myself follow and find effective! Don’t be shy to share some of your tips!! I would love to read them!


If you have an old blanket, carry that, along with home made baked goods, or even cut up some fruits and set that up by the lake or the beach! It’s romantic and so peaceful! (tip: try going during sunrise or sunset… more romantic)

Walk in the beach/park/downtown

If you guys follow me on Instagram, than you very well know how much we love touring and exploring the city!! We get ice-cream, sometimes grab coffee, hold hands and walk around! so cute and so budget friendly!!!

Dance the night away

Going to the clubs is kind of not our thing, HOWEVER, playing some music at home and having a little dance could be?! Ideally, I would love to spend my Saturday nights at a lounge by the ocean that plays Jazz and Blues, but because we do not have that (or at least have not come across it) here in Toronto, we enjoy those little moments at home or sometimes on long, late night drives!!!

Bake or cook something

We’re not too big on this, because when it comes to the kitchen, I kinda like it my wayyou know?! however, cooking a meal or even baking together is a fun way to connect and keep things exciting!

Well, there are other pointers coming to mind as I write this post but I also do not want to make this post too long!! I hope you enjoyed reading it and got some inspiration for your next date night?! If you do have some tips on this topic, please share them with me and everyone else, I would love to hear them!



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