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My first ever trip to an Alpaca Farm

Hello there!

Welcome to my blog and thank you SO MUCH for visiting! If you’re here to see some SUPER CUTE Alpacas, then don’t go anywhere, I’ll be sharing pictures in just a minute

As you might know Summers in Canada don’t last too long and as expected, Summer rolled around and I brought out my calendar and started to plan out everything I wanted to do and places I wanted to visit. Due to Covid-19 restrictions we were not able to travel outside Canada, so instead we decided to explore this huge, beautiful province we live in: Ontario!

When I learnt that there were a bunch of Alpaca farms around, I knew I had to go and since I was already planing a visit to Kingston, I decided to pay the Alpacas a visit on the way there – Little did I know, I was about to be amazed! (Stick around to find out why).

We stopped by Hickory Alpaca Farm, which is about 2hr away from Toronto and only 40 mins away from Kingston. We were scheduled to meet the owner, Mike, there at around 11:30am. As you may have already guessed, we had an excellent experience.

A few pointers before I start talking about the animals & the farm,

  • The owner, Mike and his son, Levis, are SUCH LOVELY PEOPLE. They are the most calm, welcoming and nicest people I have met in a while.
  • At the time of our visit they did not charge an admission fee – the tour was completely FREE! They do however accept donations
  • They gave us a tour of the entire farm and let us thoroughly enjoy our experience with the animals there – the entire stay was very personalized
  • We got to feed the animals and pet them!
  • They are also in the middle of a transition and have some amazing plans for the near future which I am very excited about as I deff plan on going back!

Okay, back to more about the farm… I was in awe! Nothing too fancy, It was just a regular farm with lots of beautiful farm animals! The owner Mike and his sweet son gave us a personal and informative tour where we got to meet a variety of animals such as: Alpacas (of course), Chickens, Goats, Sheppard Dogs, Pigs and their beautiful Horse – Oscar. (I’ve shared all the pictures below)

So I learnt that, while Alpacas are all cute and cuddly looking, they’re not the friendliest unless you feed them LOL, the only way the alpacas would let me pet them was if I fed them, too funny! Taz, who is a little pup, was hanging out with us during the entire tour and all he wanted to do was to be pet and played with. Oh wait, did I also mention that he has a kid best friend that happens to be a little buck who was born around the same time as him? Watching them play together was one of the cutest things I have ever seen. Can’t get anymore adorable than that!

Visiting the farm was an absolute pleasure. While there I got to experience a bunch of things for the first time:

  • Feel a pig’s skin – their skin felt like a hairy coconut shell
  • I got to pet and hold a tiny little buck in my arms
  • I fed a horse with my bare hands
  • And lastly of course, I got to meet and feed Alpacas

I’ll stop now, I know guys are probably here for the photos! Enjoy and let me know if you’ve ever been to a farm like this! If not, I would highly suggest a trip there.

The farm is called: Hickory Lane Alpaca.

Their address:
7326 County Rd 9, Napanee, ON K7R 3K8

Me and Taz 🙂
The one on the right is named Bacon 😮
Say hello to Bishop
There’s the little buck
Feeding Oscar

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  1. Mariam says:

    Thanks for sharing and visiting this local farm. It looks and sounds like such a beautiful place. Definitely bookmarking for next year!

    1. Arzina says:

      Thank you for reading Mariam. You will love it there!

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