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Thanks for stopping by and welcome to my blog!! 

Judging from my blog name, you are probably thinking that I’m a new bride…but, alas, I’m not. It’s already been a few years. However, the reason decided to stick with the name is because it reminds me of the time this blog started. The first few days/months with it, the ideas, the excitement, the creative juices that were flowing and so on… It’s special… Hang on, let me tell you more

I started this blog when I got married and moved to Toronto. While I was waiting for my work visa to come through,  I would spend a lot of time cooking all sorts of fun meals and would share them with friends on my personal Instagram account. I noticed, that a lot of people would enjoy the pictures and would ask for the recipe… need I say more?!,  that is how the idea of a blog came about. 

I always knew I wanted to do more than just be a food blogger, so as my role evolved in the Instagram realm, I decided that along with yummy food recipes, I also want to share everything that made me happy.  With trial and error and lots of patience, I would now like to describe myself as a lifestyle blogger where I share things that bring me joy – Fashion, Food, Travel, skin care, and Makeup

I hope that gives you a little insight about this blog and how it started. If you’re still here, then hats off to you and I am super excited for us to be friends and have you follow along on this journey 

Where else can you find me? 

Instagram: Chroniclesofanewbride
Twitter: Chroniclesbride
Email: Arzina@chroniclesofanewbride.com 

See ya around,


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